HÁI Career Women - Ruki, a police officer!

HÁI Career Women - Ruki, a police officer!

Why do you want to become a police?

Well, I didn't have any thoughts about my career after university. I became a department store sales staff at shu Uemura after graduation. After a while, I wanted to find a stable job and give myself a chance to prove myself. It's pretty hard to get back into study mode after so many years, so I gave myself a year only. I was fortunate to pass the test and become a police.


As a police, what gives you a sense of achievement?

Being a police in Taiwan is just like working in the service industry. We have to get involved with everything, from the most minor thing like resolving an argument to catching a murderer. I feel like a true police when we catch a criminal.


Do you find it hard to fit into this job as a woman?

Of course! The system runs by men. There's a wide gap between men and women. I work in the Special Unit, and it's even rarer to find women in my line of work.


Who is the most outrageous criminal you have ever encountered?

Those who discriminate against women. I've encountered many criminals who look down on policewomen. They hate the police already, and once they know that a woman is involved in the interrogation, they will try their best to abuse you in any way they can.
I once interrogated an addict who had quite an attitude towards the female police officer during the interrogation. In a situation like this, we usually have to act tougher. At the time, he got angrier and was about to attack me physically. I pepper sprayed him; he fell to the ground and still tried his hardest to verbally abuse me. We ended up detaining him for assaulting a police officer. This is probably one of the most outrageous ones I've met. 


How do you deal with stress?

Going out to drink!!! Haha I like going out with friends for a drink or two to rant or cry on their shoulders. But I got over it fast tho.

What advice would you give young women who wanted to do this job?

I would suggest looking for other opportunities, ha. Being a cop is hard! Of course, there are great moments, but generally speaking, it's a tough job. I would recommend looking into what we do before jumping in. Make sure you understand the day-to-day tasks and duties before you make a decision.

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