HÁI Career Women - Sophie, an UX designer!

HÁI Career Women - Sophie, an UX designer!

Why do you want to become a UX designer?

I was not happy with one of the apps I was using. I naively thought it was easy to write an app and decided to learn the language. During that time, I stumbled upon the UX field and jumped right into it. 

What is the difference between UI and UX?

UI is part of UX. UI (User interface) determines the product's appearance, and UX (User experience) focuses more on the user's behavior and interaction and how to solve the user's pain points.

Does your job play any effect on your personal life?

Yes, it does! I often turn on the user mode and exam things around me, like when I shop, eat in a restaurant, stay in a hotel or even go to a bank. I noticed small details like how the product feels and more critical information like how traffic flows in a public area. Observation has become part of my life, and it's quite fun!

Sophie wearing Plunging-V Bandage Bodysuit.

Can you share with us some exciting stories in the workplace?

Nothing exciting about my job, but we have some funny stories after hours. A colleague got wasted at our team building event, and our client had to carry him and put him in a taxi. (He's only been with the company for a month! You can tell how stressful our job is!)

Sophie wearing Plunging-V Bandage Bodysuit.

What is the most unique project you have worked on?

It will have to be my very first product. I designed it from scratch and released it to the market. It was a virtual currency wallet. I had zero knowledge about blockchain before I worked on that project. It was a very challenging yet fresh experience. 

Sophie wearing Plunging-V Bandage Bodysuit.

How do you deal with stress?

Go straight out for a few drinks after work. I also paint and play tennis on weekends.

Sophie wearing Plunging-V Bandage Bodysuit.

Do you wear our Bodysuit to work? How do you like it?

Yessss!!! I love your Bodysuit, and I love how versatile it can be. I usually change my bottom when I fancy going out for a drink after work, giving an entirely different vibe! I can dress down at home and dress up when I am at the office. Wearing an HÁI bodysuit makes me feel like a woman! Love it! 

Sophie wearing Plunging-V Bandage Bodysuit.

What advice would you give young women who want to become UX designers?

There are many online resources and channels if you want to change your career path. I recommend going on Youtube to understand UX design and ensure you like it before signing up for a boot camp. Try building up your portfolio as you go! 

Sophie wearing Plunging-V Bandage Bodysuit.

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