Neysa - Her fitness journey.

Neysa - Her fitness journey.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi I’m Neysa Soediro, a modern-day Renaissance Woman. I’m a gallerist, an entrepreneur, and a devoted fitness enthusiast

We love your beauty and positivity. Have you encountered any challenges in your life?

Well, of course. Who doesn’t? Sometimes when I workout I would find some movement that I have a hard time doing. But i keep the positivity and even make it my goal to be able to do those movements.

We have been following your weight loss and workout journey. What motivates you to set out on this journey.

I think as a plus-size woman, I have experienced all sorts of things, including daily life, romance, and fashion, that can be used as motivation. But the most important thing is that I have found something that I really enjoy. It’s simple, I can do it in a gym or at home, and has a great impact on myself.

How did you address areas of your body images that you were unhappy with?

So the area that gives me most insecurity is my underarm. I usually cover it up with long sleeves, or just sleeves. But with swimwear, I just give no care in the world and enjoy.


How do you de-stress?

Workout, a little bit of netflix, hangout with friends, visit galleries and surround myself with great artworks for a little bit peace of mind, and sleep. Haha.


You have worn many of our swimsuits, what do you think of them?

I love them so much. I’m grateful that HAI swimwear caters to plus size women and gives us the best quality fabric, diverse colors, and it does look good on us.

Any words of encouragement to other women who are struggling with weight loss or fitness?

Don’t take other people’s gaze and opinion to seriously. Don’t stress it out because it’s just a glimpse and people would move on immediately, and so do you. Focus on yourself, make great effort to train the body image that you want. You can do it

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