The top 5 most recommended Spas in Thailand!

The top 5 most recommended Spas in Thailand!

Bangkok is definitely one of the most popular travel destinations on everyone’s list. We love everything about Bangkok, from its shopping scene to its food and even their Spas! HÁI lists out the five most recommended massage places to visit when you are in Bangkok next! (when we can travel freely, of course!)

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Health Land Spa

Health Land is well-known for its cheap but great value massages. The architecture itself looks grand, it doesn’t look like the affordable massage places down the road from the busy street. We highly recommended this spa. There’s one located next to Asoke station. You can pop right in after a day out shopping. And get back to your nighttime activity right after the massage. Who doesn’t love this kind of vacation? 


Pictures from Health Land Spa
Website: Health Land Spa


Oasis Spa

Compared with Health Land Spa, Oasis is a bit fancier. It has won the “Asian Spa Awards-Best Day Spa of the Year.” Among the many massage options of Oasis, the “four-hand massage” is the most popular one! You get one masseuse for your foot massage, and at the same time, the other masseuse will give you a hair cream bath. They will both give you a full body massage at the end. 

Although the price of Oasis is slightly higher, it’s definitely worth a try. After all, we’ve all traveled a long way to Bangkok already. There are two locations near Asoke station: the minimalist one in Sukhumvit 31 or the glamorous one near Sukhumvit 51; we guarantee you will feel instant relaxation when you get there. 

Pictures from Oasis Spa
Website:Oasis Spa


Let’s Relax Spa

Let’s Relax Spa was voted as the most popular Thai massage by local tourists in 2015. They not only provide amazing massages services, they also offer a great selection of products. People usually purchase their products after the massage. Their price is also affordable; you can probably afford to go every day during your holiday. We loved it so much and tried twice a day when we were there last! 

Picture from Let’s Relax Spa terminal 21 branch. 
Website:  Let’s Relax Spa

Rarinjinda Spa

Massage with the view? Rarinjinda Spa provides a unique spa experience; you can have your messages on their rooftop! Enjoy your relaxing time while watching the night view of the city that doesn't sleep. They also offer complimentary refreshments after the spa session. A perfect way to end a busy sightseeing day!

Photos from Rarinjinda Spa (Ploenchit, Bangkok Branch)
Website:Rarinjinda Spa 

Divana Spa

Divana Spa is a top-rated spa and has been featured on CNN special reports. They have also won an Asia Luxury SPA Award and many more others. What we love about this Spa is that they use only natural ingredients on all products. They also provide some refreshments when you first get there and make you feel right at home. It’s in popular demand, so better book it in advance!

Divana Spa has many branches in Bangkok, each of which has its character. Make sure you google all of the locations and find your favorite one before you visit. 

Pictures from Divana Spa  (Divana Virtue Spa)
Website: Divana Spa 
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