Ying Ying's Travel for Dummy - Purple Paradise: Wandering in Farm Tomita~ Lavender Wonderland

Ying Ying's Travel for Dummy - Purple Paradise: Wandering in Farm Tomita~ Lavender Wonderland

Meet Ying Ying, our guest travel blogger. Let's bathe in the purple romance of lavender, wandering through the endless flower fields of Farm Tomita!

Summer in Hokkaido undoubtedly marks the season for flower viewing, with late June to early August being the lavender season. Lavender fields are a must-visit attraction for those traveling to Hokkaido during the summer months. Hokkaido's lavender is also ranked as one of the world's four major lavender-producing regions. Farm Tomita in Furano, Hokkaido, is the largest tourist farm in Hokkaido with an annual visitor count exceeding one million people. In addition to the vast purple hills of lavender fields, you can also see colorful flowers blooming in abundance.


 It takes some time to explore the entire Farm Tomita. The first lavender field near the entrance is the most crowded, as everyone is captivated by the sea of purple lavender flowers and can't resist taking photos.


Including myself! However, as you proceed further, you'll find that the lavender fields become even more beautiful and expansive, and the crowds significantly decrease. So, you can follow the map and head towards the back first.


At Farm Tomita, there are several varieties of lavender, among which the most vibrant is Lavandin. Its flowers are larger and have a reddish-purple color, making for incredibly beautiful photographs!

Farm Map Guide


Introduction to Flower Fields

Every year, Farm Tomita attracts many visitors who come to enjoy the flowers. The farm is divided into several flower field areas, with as many as four large lavender fields alone. The blooming times for other flower varieties vary, so there are flowers to see until October.


Directions to Farm Tomita's Lavender East Area
For Visitors Driving:

From Asahikawa Airport:
Via National Route 237... approximately 45 minutes

From New Chitose Airport:
Via Doto Expressway, Asahikawa-Kita Interchange... approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes

From Sapporo City:
Via Doo Expressway, Mikasa Interchange... approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes

*Please do not park on the roadside or occupy large bus parking spaces.

From Farm Tomita to the Lavender East Area by Car is about 4 kilometers (approximately 7 minutes).


For Visitors Taking the Bus:

The nearest bus stop is "Naka-Furano" (Furano Bus).

Furano Bus (Rapid Lavender Bus) operates eight round trips per day:

Asahikawa Station ⇔ Naka-Furano... approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes (one way: 800 Japanese Yen)
Asahikawa Airport ⇔ Naka-Furano... approximately 48 minutes (one way: 690 Japanese Yen)
Furano Station ⇔ Naka-Furano... approximately 12 minutes (one way: 260 Japanese Yen)
After arriving at Naka-Furano, please walk (approximately 25 minutes) or take a taxi.

Naka-Furano Taxi Tel: 0167-44-2331, takes about 5 minutes.

Central Bus (High-speed Furano Bus) operates ten round trips per day:

Sapporo Station Bus Terminal ⇔ Furano Bus Terminal... approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes (one way: 2,500 Japanese Yen)
From Furano Station, take the Furano Bus, JR, or taxi.

Furano Taxi Tel: 0167-22-5001, takes about 15 minutes.

For Visitors Arriving by Rail:

JR Furano Line, "Lavender Field Station" (about 7 minutes walk from Farm Tomita).

For more information, please refer to the "Lavender Field Station (Norokko)" website.

JR Furano Line, "Naka-Furano Station" (about 25 minutes walk from Farm Tomita).

Sakiwai Field↓

       When taking photos, please do not cross the fence line. Some visitors have been seen entering the flower beds to take photos...


Hanabito Field↓


The colorful flower sea, coupled with European-style signboards, is also a great spot for photography. It is recommended to walk up to the observation deck and take photos from above for a better view.


Irodori Field↓


Next, we arrived at the colorful flower fields. The rainbow-like flower sea here is as spectacular as a runway. It is highly recommended for everyone to visit this area.


It is also recommended to walk up to the second-floor observation deck for photos.

In addition to the colorful flower fields, there is also a large lavender field at the back, which is truly magnificent to photograph.


Farm Tomita also offers various products and food items, such as lavender ice cream... and various lavender products and foods. You can also try some cantaloupe melon, and there are some types of corn here that can be eaten raw. There's plenty to eat and see, so spending half a day at Farm Tomita is no problem! The UV rays here are quite strong, so be careful not to get sunburned or heatstroke (summer weather can be very sunny)!

Hokkaido Furano | Farm Tomita

Location: Kitahama Nishi 15, Nakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido

Map Code: 349 276 743*00

Phone: 0167-39-3939

Admission: Free

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