YingYing's Travel for Dummy - The Best Accommodation in Tignes 2100 Le Lac (2 minutes' walk from the ski slopes!)

YingYing's Travel for Dummy - The Best Accommodation in Tignes 2100 Le Lac (2 minutes' walk from the ski slopes!)

Meet YingYing, our guest travel blogger. Let's explore the romantic ski resort in Tignes, France, along with recommendations for ski resort accommodations that are super close to the slopes!

Tignes, located at the border of France, Italy, and Switzerland. The Tignes ski resort is located in the Savoie department. As the second-highest ski resort in Europe, it is part of the world-renowned skiing destination Espace Killy, along with Val d'Isère. Tignes Ski Resort is one of France's most well-known winter sports hubs, encompassing several villages that cater to all the needs of visitors. Its vast network of snow slopes extends to the mountain peaks, reaching heights of 11,338 feet (3,456 meters). The Tignes ski resort gained historical significance as it was chosen as a competition venue for the 1992 Winter Olympics.


Explore the resort's extensive 190 miles (300 kilometers) of slopes, varying in difficulty. Beginners can start with the green and blue runs, while experienced skiers can try the red and black slopes, feeling the exhilaration of the cold wind on their faces as they descend. The resort boasts 91 cable cars, including the world's longest cable car, making it a rare and remarkable experience to ride on such an extended cable car.


Unlike its neighboring Val d’Isère, Tignes' villages are purpose-built for ski resorts and catering to skiers, providing comprehensive vacation services for visitors. Explore the popular skiing hubs of Val Claret and Tignes Le Lac, which are the highest-altitude villages in the resort. These areas feature numerous hotels, restaurants, and shops, offering a vibrant atmosphere. The lower-altitude villages like Le Lavachet, Tignes Les Boisses, and Tignes Les Brevières provide more budget-friendly accommodation options while still maintaining access to the ski resort amenities.



Thanks to Simon, I just know that there's such a dreamy, snow-white area in the eastern part of France! Simon's parents own a ski suite (Phoenix 501) in the heart of Tignes 2100 Le Lac ski resort, which can accommodate 7 people. The suite includes four rooms, two bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen with all the amenities you could need.


Tignes Le Lac, Alps Ski Resort, Recommendations for skiing in Europe

Simon's parents' ski suite boasts an excellent location! Just a 2-minute walk from the doorstep, you can reach the central point of the Tignes 2100 Le Lac ski resort. This area is equipped with numerous cable cars and ski slopes. Additionally, the accommodation's ground floor features a storage cabinet for snow equipment, complete with drying functionality.


Phoenix 501 | Tignes 2100 Le Lac (2-minute walk from the ski slopes)

Address: Rue de la Poste, 73320 Tignes, France

Booking Link: https://appartatignes.locvacances.com/en-GB


Booking Steps:

Visit the booking link https://appartatignes.locvacances.com/en-GB
Click on "More filters."


Under "NUMBER OF PEOPLE," select "7 people."
Look for the listing "Tignes le lac Le Phoenix 4 bedrooms for 7 pax Ref Les Alpilles" with a yellow sofa.


Clicking into it, you'll find Simon's parents' suite. In fact, the website offers many other local accommodations, but "location" is truly crucial. Some cheaper options may be at a distance where walking to the ski slopes isn't feasible, requiring a walk followed by a shuttle bus ride. Imagine wearing your ski gear while taking a bus – it can be quite painful, especially for skiing beginners. You'd end up spending a considerable amount of time and energy commuting, significantly dampening your enthusiasm for skiing. This is why Simon's parents prioritized location when purchasing real estate.


Simon's family has been skiing in Tignes almost every winter since he was 4 years old. Tignes ski resort comprises four villages, and Simon's parents choose Tignes 2100 Le Lac because it is the heart of Tignes, unquestionably the liveliest area. Another bustling village is Val Claret, also part of Tignes 2100, and the two villages are approximately a 10-minute shuttle bus ride apart.


Living room


Simon's parents' suite can accommodate a total of 7 people, and during the least expensive summer period, a full week's stay of 7 days and 6 nights is priced at just €3,890. Accommodations in the region, whether hotels or vacation rentals, often have a standard booking period of "one week, 7 days, and 6 nights." Many Europeans plan their skiing trips for a full 7 days, checking in on Saturday and checking out the following Saturday. The per-person cost for six nights comes to around NT$18,500. However, during the winter season, prices can increase significantly. Tignes' accommodation prices are flexible, allowing for more budget-friendly options if you avoid European holidays and festivals.


Moreover, with a Carrefour supermarket right across the street and the largest local supermarket, Sherpa, behind the suite, shopping for groceries and food is incredibly convenient. They often prepared their own breakfast and lunch by purchasing ingredients and cooking in the villa. Sometimes, they even cooked dinner. Being away from Asia, they preferred not to have the same type of meal for every dining occasion – bread, cheese, burgers, pizzas, etc.




The suite also features a spacious and fully equipped living room, dining area, and kitchen. The kitchen amenities are exceptionally comprehensive, including an oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, juicer, food processor, toaster, capsule coffee machine, Moka pot, kettle, and more. Additionally, there is a washing machine and drying rack provided. The variety of pots, bowls, utensils, and other kitchenware is extensive, making it incredibly convenient for guests to prepare meals and enjoy their stay.

Dining room/ Terrace

The dining room and terrace are impressive! The dining table can comfortably accommodate 8 people, and there is an outdoor balcony for relaxation and scenic views. Additionally, the master bedroom has its own balcony.


Rooms (three double rooms + one single room, accommodate 7 people)  


Two bathrooms


Two snow gear storage cabinets (with heating function)


On the ground floor, there are two dedicated ski storage lockers, with each locker capable of accommodating up to 4 sets of ski equipment. This allows us to conveniently gear up in this area and head directly outside for skiing.


The view from the house

France Tignes Ski Resort, Le Lac

Like all ski accommodations and real estate worldwide, the "Location" is the most direct factor influencing prices. Ski resort accommodations are no exception. Especially when you choose to ski, you'll realize that commuting to the ski slopes while wearing ski gear and carrying equipment can be physically demanding. While accommodations farther from the ski slopes might be cheaper, daily commuting using shuttle buses can be quite exhausting.


Tignes ski resort was originally built in the 1960s and underwent renovations in the 2000s. During the winter, the area receives a significant amount of natural snowfall, supplemented by 113 artificial snow cannons, allowing the ski season to extend from October to May of the following year. The resort's network of slopes extends into the Isère Valley, blending into a high-altitude skiing haven known as "Espace Killy." This means that Tignes is a destination that can be enjoyed almost year-round. While there may not be snow in the summer, there are still numerous activities available, making accommodations in Tignes during the summer season quite affordable.


At the Tignes ski resort, cable cars are also a major feature. The resort boasts a total of 97 cable cars responsible for the overall operation of the ski slopes. Additionally, Tignes ski resort is home to the world's fourth-longest high-speed cable car, spanning a distance of 4.2 kilometers. If you wish to reach the glacier summit, it's no problem! Just hop on the ultra-modern underground cable car, the "Funiculaire Grande Motte," and in a mere 5 minutes, you'll reach an altitude of 3032 meters. Continuing to ride other cable cars will take you to the base of the Grande Motte peak at an elevation of 3456 meters. Once at the top, you can choose from intermediate to advanced difficulty ski slopes, including the world's longest blue ski trail.



The Tignes ski resort features a total of 300 km of ski slopes, including 29 black trails, 41 red trails, 67 blue trails, and 21 green trails. The abundance of red and blue trails makes it an ideal skiing paradise for intermediate skiers. If you enjoy pushing your limits and seeking exhilarating experiences, there are 150 km of speed skiing trails and 20 km of cross-country skiing trails. Additionally, experienced cross-country skiers can tackle a red trail with a vertical drop of 1400 meters, equipped with snow cannons, ensuring skiing is possible for 8 months of the year.



The ski resort comprises a total of 163 ski slopes:

Green slopes: 21
Blue slopes: 67
Red slopes: 41
Black slopes: 29
Purple slopes: 5 (cross-country skiing)

91 cable cars

900 snow cannons

2 extreme freestyle skiing parks


Simon's parents' ski suite offers excellent value for money! While the price may not be the cheapest, the location and accommodation environment are truly unparalleled. I must emphasize once again, "Location is crucial!" Within a 2-minute walk from the door, you're directly at the ski slopes, and many of Tignes' activity gathering points, including the meeting point for ski lessons, are within a 5-minute walk. Just a 1-minute walk outside, you'll encounter the first ski cable car, with two large supermarkets nearby. Surrounding the area are numerous snow equipment rental/ purchase shops and restaurants. It can genuinely be described as a 100-point accommodation! Feel free to book a stay at Simon's parents' establishment (as a good daughter-in-law, I must recommend it!)

Phoenix 501 | Tignes 2100 Le Lac (2 minutes' walk from the ski slopes)

Address: Rue de la Poste, 73320 Tignes, France

Booking link: https://appartatignes.locvacances.com/en-GB

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