Top 5 Resorts in Taiwan for your next vacation!

Top 5 Resorts in Taiwan for your next vacation!

As a career woman, going on a holiday is what gets us through all those stressful work days. Picking the right hotel/resort becomes one of the most important and exciting things prior to our vacation. 

There’s nothing worse than booking a new hotel and only realize that it was not what it shows on the website when you get there. 

Here are the top 5 hotels in Taiwan that we have stayed at and can never go wrong for your vacation.

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1, Hoshinoya Guguan/Outdoor Hot Spring/Pool

We’ve stayed at hotels under the Hoshino group in Japan, and they never let us down! 

Hoshinoya Guguan is the seventh “Hoshinoya” resort located in the hot spring town in Guguan.  With a modern twist, the Japanese architecture style brings us right back to Kyoto when you first enter the lobby. 

Japanese are known for detailed oriented and exquisite service; they never overlook any details once you step foot inside the resort.  Who doesn’t like to be pampered! 

HÁI reminder:

We recommend staying for at least two nights. Don’t forget to bring your snacks and food as they don’t have room service for your mid-night cravings. 

(Photo from Hoshinoya Guguan Website) 

Room Sen (VIP maisonette connecting suite with outdoor bath)

I stayed in this dreamy room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the valley. The view was worth every single penny we spent there. Imagine laying there, sipping wine, and taking a mental break from the jungle city. 


(Photo from Hoshinoya Guguan Website) 

The hot spring in the room looks like this. Guguan is located in the mountains, and the temperature is perfect for the hot spring. We went in and out of the hot spring a few times. - Took a beer break when we got hot and went back in after we cooled off. I swear that our skin felt super silky smooth right after the hot spring. 

(Photo from Hoshinoya Guguan Website) 

Picture of a random corner of the hotel. You can tell that they put in a lot of thoughts in every single space when designing it. It’s absolutely stunning. 

 (Photo from Hoshinoya Guguan Website) 

Pool at Hoshinoya Guguan. This hotel is just like an art museum. 


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HOSHINOYA Guguan/Chinese Website:

HOSHINOYA Guguan/English Website:


2, Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi/Outdoor Hot Spring/Outdoor Pool

50 mins away from Taipei, this hotel opened back in 2005. Our family has been there probably more than 30 times. The service style is slightly different from HOSHINOYA Guguan. It’s a very authentic Taiwanese style; the staff is super helpful and polite. They are more like friends, always by your side and trying their absolute best to make your stay better.  

There is a swimming pool outdoors, and hot springs are available indoors and outdoors. The bathtub in the room is also a hot spring, so you can soak it whenever you want.

HÁI reminder:

We recommend staying at least two nights. You can hike up to Wufengchi waterfall the next day. Their breakfast buffet is open until 11:30am for people who like to sleep in on their holiday. Perfect for a chill vacation.

(Photo from Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi Website)

This hotel has been around for almost 20 years. It still looks brand new whenever we visit. The staff are so friendly. It never let us down for the past 30 stays.  

(Photo from Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi Website)

We stayed in a Japanese suite every time we went there. There’s a turn-down service every night; they will move your coffee table away. You can pick the rooms that face the Lan Yan field. I promise you that all the stress will go away once you settle in the room. 

(Photo from Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi Website)

Infinity pool facing Lan Yan Field. Night view looks stunning.

(Photo from Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi Website)

There’s also an outdoor communal hot spring with a few different temperatures you can pick from. You will need to bathe naked in those. If you don’t feel like being naked in public, you can use the one right next to the pool. Those are kids friendly.


What to wear by HÁI Swimwear:

Take our classic peekaboo with you~ It will make you shine like a bright star walking in between all the different hot springs and pools at Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi. 

P.S. They have a small fish pond that you can put your feet in for some fish pedicures. It’s quite weird and quirky to be honest. 

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Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi Chinese Website

Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi English Website


3, Sun Moon Lake, The Lalu Hotel/Indoor hot spring/Outdoor pool/Private Villa Pool

The lalu hotel was first built by the Japanese in 1901. In 1923, the Crown Prince Hirohito visited Taiwan and expanded it into a two-story building, adding eight VIP rooms, including east and west wing rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms and other facilities.

Since then, The lalu hotel has become an official vacational villas for wealthy families up until 1949 when the Nationalist Government moved to Taiwan,

It then became the residence of the former president Chiang Kai-shek, serving as a vacation and reception for foreign heads of state when they visited Taiwan.

It was rebuilt in 2002 when it finally became what it is now.

This hotel has not only traces of Taiwan’s modern history but also has been the top resort in Taiwan for many years. The most commendable part is of course the invincible lake view.

We recommend staying at their villa. You can soak in the private pool during the day and hang out in the pavilion at night. 

HÁI reminder:

The Lalu hotel is notoriously difficult to book, so don't forget to book in advance! 


(Photo from The Lalu Hotel's Website.)

Communal area with a lake view! Sun moon lake is absolute fab!  

(Photos from The Lalu Hotel’s website.)

This is the villa we recommend if you are traveling with friends and/or family. Perfect hang out spot for the end of the day!

(Photos from The Lalu Hotel’s website.)

The modern facade looks brand-new even after 20 years!

(Photos from The Lalu Hotel’s website.)

Infinity pool by the incredible Sun Moon Lake. You can spend a whole afternoon here with a book or just sipping cocktails and being on your phone, whatever you like!

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Whether it is to sunbathe by the private pool, read a book, or drink a glass of wine in the pavilion.  This elegant, timeless, and classic design will fit right in with the historic hotel. 

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The Lalu Hotel Sun Moon Lake Chinese Website

The Lalu Hotel Sun Moon Lake English Website


4, Grand View Resort Beitou/Outdoor Hot Spring/Indoor Hot Spring/Outdoor Pool

There are only 2 blue sulfur springs in the world, one is in Beitou, and the other is in Akita, Japan.  The development of Beitou began during the Japanese occupation when they discovered the blue sulfur. They began to open various hot spring hotels in Beitou for Japanese travelers. 

After the war, in the 60s, Taiwan became a close trade ally with Japan, and most of the businessmen stayed in Beitou. You can still feel and see the Taiwanese-Japanese cross-culture in this town to this day. 

Grand View Resort Beitou is located halfway up the mountainside. We don’t know why, but every time we stay in a mountain, it feels like we can leave all the city problems behind for a while. 

Another great thing about Grand View Beitou is that their cuisine is super delicious. The chef selects and uses the most healthy and fresh ingredients locally sourced from Taiwan. They will use the same ingredients and make different cuisines.  For example, there are three styles of breakfast to choose from. Highly recommended! 

HÁI reminder:

Book a larger room if you are traveling with your family. 

(Photos from Grand View Resort Beitou’s website.) 

We stayed in this deluxe room last time. There’s a forest right outside of your window. Take in all the phytoncide when enjoying the hot spring.

(Photos from Grand View Resort Beitou’s website.) 

There are 2 different pools with different temperatures in the room. You can rotate between the two to increase blood circulation.

(Photos from Grand View Resort Beitou’s website.) 

There’s also a public hot spring for people who don’t want to stay overnight. There are lots of different pools, a sauna, and a steam room. 

(Photos from Grand View Resort Beitou’s website.) 

One of the restaurants, the view, and the food are both incredible. 

What to wear by HÁI Swimwear:

The Spice Bronze represents Japanese Zen. It looks low-key but luxurious at the same time. 

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Grand View Resort Beitou Chinese Website

Grand View Resort Beitou English Website



5, Gloria Manor/Outdoor pool

Hengchun is located at the southernmost tip of Taiwan in the tropics with breathtaking coastlines. 

This hotel was a holiday/summer manor for former President Chiang Kai-shek in southern Taiwan.

In 2012, Gloria Hotel Group took over and renovated; they kept most of the details from the original summer manor. Because of this, Gloria Manor has become one of the members of the Design Hotels™ alliance. They are also the most recommended hotel in the southern part of Taiwan on Tripadvisor. 

Don’t forget to visit all the secret beaches in Hengchun when you stay here! 

HÁI reminder:

We suggest renting a car when you visit Hengchun because the local public transportation is not convenient. It’s also tough to get a taxi, and no way you can Uber! 

(Photos from Grand View Resort Beitou’s website.) 

Imagine having your breakfast here with the view!

(Photos from Grand View Resort Beitou’s website.) 

We recommend staying at the Premier Suite.

(Photos from Grand View Resort Beitou’s website.) 

Another angle of the Premier Suite. You can see both mountains and the ocean.


(Photos from Grand View Resort Beitou’s website.) 

They kept most of the decor from the former president’s summer manor. 

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100% plant-based dye = Being responsible for the environment! 

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Gloria Manor Chinese Website

Gloria Manor English Website


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