Best Bali Beach clubs for your next holiday!

Best Bali Beach clubs for your next holiday!

I work my butt off at work, and when it’s vacation time, even if it’s just the weekend, I usually want to chill somewhere lovely and do absolutely nothing. 

Beach clubs are always my no.1 choice for a fun day out. I get to relax, and the person/people I travel with can also find activities! (Tbh, drinking is usually the main activity..) 

Here are the top 4 beach clubs that I love to visit in Bali! (I live in Bali, so these are legit recommendations.) 

Maria Rahajeng (Miss Indonesia 2014) in HÁI Swimwear on her vacation in Bali. 


Desa Potato head Beach Club/Seminyak/Infinity Pool/Beach Front


This beach club will be right in your alley if you are an artsy/hipster type of person. From their architecture to the decor, every detail in Desa potato head is fun and quirky. They even design their own unique Hawaiian (Bali?) shirts as uniforms. 


Located in the heart of Seminyak, Desa Potato head beach club has been recognized by Condé Nast traveler as one of the best holiday destinations in the world. It is also one of my favorite day drinking spots on the weekend. 

HÁI reminder:

They have re-opened ever since COVID. Don’t forget to get there slightly earlier and get a daybed by the pool. There’s a min spend of 1 million rupiahs ($72) on the daybed. You can use it for food and drinks. 

(Photo from Desa Potato Head’s website.)


(Photo from Desa Potato Head’s website.)

The beach club’s 500-square meter lawn with daybeds and an infinity pool with a pool bar overlooking the Indian Ocean!! They also have a pool bar at the left end of the pool! Who doesn’t love a pool bar?

Cocktails are around Rp.100,000 ($7.15) - Rp.250,000($17.90) and food pricing ranges from Rp.65,000 ($4.64) to Rp 400,000 ($28.60) Tax excluded. 


(Photo from Desa Potato Head’s website.) 

What to wear by HÁI Swimwear:

Classic Peekaboo one-piece - Topaz Orange

Shine like a bright star! A little bit cute and quirky, this one-piece is just right for this beach club. 

Desa Potato Head Website:


Sundays beach club/Uluwatu/Infinity Pool/Beach Front

One of our favorite places is down in scenic Uluwatu. This beach club is perfect for families. Your kids can explore the blue lagoon with a kayak or SUP board while you chill on the beach, sipping cocktails.  

When you walk into Sundays, you will first see an infinity pool located on the top of the cliff. Walking a few steps down and taking the cliff-escalator to this hidden gem. 


HÁI reminder:

They don’t take reservations, just like Potato Head beach club. Make sure you get there a bit early to get a bean bag on the beach! A daily pass is Rp.350,000 (weekdays) to Rp.450,000 (weekends)

The staff will hand out complimentary snacks at around 4pm! Be sure to watch out for those yummy fruit snacks. 


(Photo from Sundays Beach Club Instagram.)

Sundays beach club is a mixer of white sand, the Azul blue ocean, and the magnificent cliffs. 

(Photo from Sundays Beach Club Instagram.)

Love their food and cocktail selection. Price range from Rp.80,000 ($5.71) - Rp. 650,000($46.) Cocktail pricing ranges from Rp. 65,000 ($4.65) - Rp. 175,000 ($12.50.) Tax excluded. 

(Photo from Sundays Beach Club Instagram.)

Sunset Bonfire! They will set up a bonfire each day before sunset! Uluwatu is one of the best places to watch the sunset. Don’t forget to stay till then and make the most out of it. 


What to wear by HÁI Swimwear:


This swimsuit is perfect for exploring the blue lagoon or doing some water sports! It’s super elegant and shows off your figure in the most modest way at a family-friendly beach club. 

HÁI Signature One Piece - Onyx Black/Cobalt Blue

Sundays Beach Club Website:


El Kabron/Uluwatu/Infinity pool

If you are looking for an afternoon poolside glazing, turn that up a couple of notches into a night out partying. This is the place for you. 

Overlooking dreamland beach on the top of the cliff, El Kabron is known for the perfect sunset spot. As the sun disappeared below the horizon, the music and the disco light of El Kabron came up. 

HÁI reminder:

1 person is Rp. 300,000 ($21.45) Credit towards food and drinks. Definitely give their starters a try!  The party crowd comes in at about 5 pm for the sunset DJ session! 


(Photo from El Kabron Website.)

Hedonism lounge area features an infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean. The decor is super contemporary with a Spanish touch! Love the double bed!

Biqunini Planchado de Rabo De toro, Beef terrine served on a hot-pressed and glazed sandwich. Highly recommend only ordering their tapas/starters! We’ve tried most of them, and they are all amazing!


What to wear by HÁI Swimwear:

The bareback will give you all the glamour and elegance you need. Add your own attitude when going to a beach club like El Kabron. 

The Hollywood Plunge - Cobalt Blue

El Kabron‘s Website:


Sandy Bay Beach Club/Nusa Lembogan/Infinity pool/Beachfront

Nusa Lembogan is a tropical island of 8-square kilometers, just 30 minutes by fast boat from Bali. 

It might seem a bit out of the way to travel from Bali to this tiny island. But do you like the sound of being on a secluded beach? If you do, you will love Sandy Bay beach club. It has its own private bay! 

HÁI reminder:

Best to spend about 2-3 days on the island. Sandy Bay resort, Hai Tide Resort, and Blue Lagoon Avia villa are good places to stay! 

(Photo from Sandy Bay Beach Club Instagram.)

(Photo from Sandy Bay Beach Club Instagram.)

Their food is also excellent. Most of the Lembogan restaurants ship their supply from Bali! Can you imagine?! They need to put in a lot more effort in creating your food. 


(Photo from Sandy Bay Beach Club Instagram.)

I almost bought a jug home from here! They have an excellent range of products if you want some souvenirs. Thinking of going back really soon just to get some of the trays and water jugs! 

What to wear by HÁI Swimwear:

Our vintage Peekaboo spice Bronze matches their rustic beach-chic decor! 

Vintage peekaboo - Spice Bronze

Sandy Bay Beach Club Website:


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