The Best Last-Minute Swimwear Tips Before Your Next Vacation

The Best Last-Minute Swimwear Tips Before Your Next Vacation

Have you ever forgotten to pack the beach/pool essentials when you travel? It’s such a pain to shop for those, especially when we are not familiar with the shopping scene at the destination. A hassle as well if you are a picky person like we are. 

In case this happens, we listed some tips to guide you through buying the right swimsuit for the right occasion. 


1, Quick Drying Materials

You are most likely to be in your swimsuit with a cover-up every day when you are on a tropical holiday. We all know the feeling of wearing a wet swimsuit underneath your blouse/cover-ups; it’s not pleasant. Unfortunately, most of the swimsuits out there take ages to dry. And by the time it’s dry, you’ve probably missed dinner time. 

What to wear by HÁI Swimwear:



Must-have resort look. - Enjoy some pool time in the morning, sunbathing afterward, and go straight to lunch at a restaurant with our poolside PJ pants.


Bare Shoulder Bather - Emerald Green

Classic Cut Pantie - Emerald Green

Poolside PJ Pants - Emerald Green

Shop the look here:

2, Anti-bacterial, Anti-mold fabric

Swimsuits are like your panties; they are intimate garments. It’s hot and sweaty on the beach, and don’t get us started on bacteria in the pool! - Perfect place for bacteria to grow! An extra layer of protection for a worry-free holiday.

What to wear by HÁI Swimwear:

The Hollywood plunge - HAI Fashion x Function. Our mold-resistant & antibacterial swimwear is comfortable everywhere, but especially down there! So wherever you’re taking a dip, the antibacterial fibers in your HÁI swimsuit will take care of you.

The Hollywood Plunge - Topaz Orange

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3, Say no to an unfitted swimsuit

Having a wardrobe malfunction episode is probably the worst thing that can happen when you are doing any water activities. It happened to us on a family vacation to Thailand. My cousin wore a bikini while parasailing. The safety strap somehow caught in between her bikini top, and you can probably imagine the rest… (She got a photo with her boobs hanging out.) It may seem like a joke, but it happens quite a lot IRL. (There’s only so little fabric covering your body.) Unless You’re into the nude club, let’s try not to let yourself fall into this predicament...

What to wear by HÁI Swimwear:

A timeless design that will never go out of style and coverage that will make you feel comfortable AND sexy at the same time. 

HÁI Signature One Piece - Cobalt Blue

Shop the look


4, Find something that you are comfortable with. 

We all want to indulge ourselves in gourmet food and cocktails when going on a vacation. So pick a swimsuit with a good stretch that will help contour and hug the curves, plus it will make you feel incredible no matter how many bowls of spaghetti you have enjoyed. Also, try to find seamless swimsuits; because of the absence of any seams or stitches, seamless swimsuits are also super unrestrictive, flexible, and offer maximum freedom of movement.

What to wear by HÁI Swimwear:

The Hollywood Plunge - Onyx Black

HÁI Swimwear Website: 


5, Last but not least, pick a swimsuit that makes you feel like a million bucks. 

You finally get to go on a dream vacation after working tirelessly. Treat yourself to a quality and beautiful swimsuit that makes you feel like a million bucks. There’s nothing more sexier than feeling pretty and confident in your own skin. 

What to wear by HÁI Swimwear:

hai swim_hai swimwear_one piece_bikini

HÁI Signature One Piece - Onyx Black 

HÁI Swimwear Website:

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