HÁI Career Women - Jamie, a Sports Journalist!

HÁI Career Women - Jamie, a Sports Journalist!


Why do you want to be a sports journalist?

I loved playing basketball when I was in elementary school. I always wanted to join the school team, but my family opposed it. Although I didn't make it to the team, sports and basketball have always been my favorite things to do. 

I was looking for a career path that combines my interest while studying journalism at Shih Hsin University. I started to try to work as an intern at a  sports channel, writing online sports news, and so on. When I became familiar with this profession, I was confident that this was the job I wanted to do in the future.

Looking back, basketball is the core of my career and life. It became my interest and allowed me to find this job. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and opened up so many possibilities.

Is there anyone at work who would discriminate against female sports journalists?

There has never been discrimination against female sports reporters in the sports media industry. It might be hard to imagine, but many female sports reporters exist. (Ratio is about 1 to 1, sometimes there are more women!) 
Many excellent senior female reporters are well respected in the industry! I always believe that as long as you show what you've got, no one will disrespect you. 


Do you have any work-related habits that you carry over into your daily life

OMG yes! I want to watch sports events all the time even on vacation! I will be in front of a TV if there's a game. It's just part of my life now. I know when the games will be on and will inform my friends and family. :p To me, this is not just about a job. I enjoy it so much. 

Can you share with us some fun stories in the workplace?

It's been about five years since I started. I feel that the longer you are in the industry, the more rewards you will get. I love making friends with the athletes during interviews. I treat the players, A-list stars, and coaches like my friends; sometimes, you will get exclusive news from them. 

I still remember the time I interviewed the Chinese Taipei team. I was at the training facility almost every day. In one of the interviews, a senior basketball player suddenly expressed that he would no longer participate in the national team, and that game was his last match. 

I was shocked since it was a significant news piece, and he decided to only share it with me. I quickly put together a new article, and it went viral. 

There are also great stories about the fans. I travel around the baseball field and basketball field to interview players. I occasionally serve as a sideline reporter. Fans will come to me for photos whenever I walk on the court. They would ask me how I had been and try to discuss the game with me. 

I just love how passionate the fans are. They put everything aside, came to the stadium in a relaxed mood, and rooted for their team and players. This is also one of the reasons that I love sports. 


Which is the most exciting and memorable game you have interviewed?

The most memorable game should be the one on September 29, 2019. That day was the retirement match of the legendary star of CITIC Brothers, Chacha Peng Zhengmin. He was probably the most respected player in the baseball industry. I was overwhelmed by everything that day!
On the day of the retirement match, the Intercontinental Baseball Stadium was packed, all of whom came to witness Peng Zhengmin's last show. I don't remember the game, but the atmosphere of the retirement ceremony was sentimental, and there were many touching scenes. When I saw all the fans picking up their mobile phones, turning on the flashlights, and waving to the Chacha's song, tears flowed down at that time.
And Peng Zhengmin's goodbye speech also hit home. It was tough seeing the legendary star leaving his favorite stage. Although I worked until midnight that day, I returned home full of emotion!


Your job is quite intense; how do you relieve stress?

I eat to release stress! I love searching for new restaurants and sitting down for a quiet meal.   
In addition, I also like to play basketball. Playing basketball was my original intention for embarking on this path, and I love interacting, laughing, and running on the court with teammates. I feel extra good every time after playing basketball.


Do you wear our Bodysuit when you go to work? How do you like it?

I do! I love wearing the classic tee bodysuit to interviews the most! When there's a formal interview, I will top it up with a suit jacket over the Bodysuit, which looks neat and stylish!

When I want to have a drink with my girlfriends after work, I will take off the suit jacket and show off some skin. - The bodysuits are very versatile. 

What advice would you give to young women who want to do this job?

It would help if you were passionate about the sports industry. Fun watching the game, but you will have to stay up late during international matches. You won't be able to sleep for more than 4-5hours. - This is why you need to be passionate about the job. 

You will also need to improve your knowledge of different sports and language skills. We cover all kinds of sports, not just basketball and baseball. You will need to write news about the NBA, MLB, Tennis, F1, surf contests, gymnastic events, etc. It will help to broaden your career path if you know all sports.

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