HÁI Career Women - Li Chung, an Interior Designer!

HÁI Career Women - Li Chung, an Interior Designer!

What makes you want to become an interior designer?

My dad is an interior designer, and I watched him work as a kid. I was influenced by him and chose to study architecture. 
Being a rebel, I naturally chose to work in other fields, such as fashion and product design, after graduation. After experiencing other industries, I decided to go back and work as an interior designer. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a female interior designer?

As women, it's easier for us to pick up clients' subtle preferences as we are relatively sensitive to the surrounding environments. We are also more detailed oriented. I also find it easier to ask the workers for help (laugh.) There's one disadvantage of being a woman on a contraction site. - peeing! Going to the toilet on the construction site is a massive challenge for women, as men usually pee in plastic cups! (see the below photo!)


Do you have any work-related habits that you carry over into your daily life

I search for new design projects and pin them on my "must-visit" list on google Maps. ☺️ I just couldn't help myself taking pictures of any new space from inside and out!

What are the most exciting works/cases you have done?

I just finished HÁI's retail space in the Far East department store! It was my first project with HÁI, and my colleagues and I worked on it ourselves. It was nice to be hands-on sometimes!


How do you relieve the stress?

Find a bar on my "must visit" list and go with my girlfriends or stay home and watch a few FRIENDS episodes with a glass of wine!

Do you wear our collection on vacation? How do you like it? 

Not necessary on vacation. I wear it as long as there's an occasion. HÁI is always my first choice! I usually pair the bodysuit with my jeans or a suit jacket! I feel like it shows off my best features!

What advice would you give to young women who want to do this job?

Although there are many challenges, this job is for you if you like to solve problems and enjoy the sense of accomplishment brought by participating in the transformation from a concept to an actual space!

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