HÁI Career Women - Shuang, A Singer!

HÁI Career Women - Shuang, A Singer!

Can you introduce yourself? 

Hi everyone! I'm Shuang, also known as Zheng Shuangshuang. I'm a singer/songwriter. Some of you might have a slight impression of my name and deep/husky voice. I mainly focus my music creation on pop, soul, and R&B genres. Besides my love for music, I'm passionate about movies, food, and sports. I'm a fashion enthusiast as well, and I have a unique way of expressing aesthetics in everything life offers. I'm excited to share more with all of you via this interview. 🤍

Did you always want to be a singer since you were young?

 I love to sing when I was young. I was the principal flutist in the school's orchestra during my middle and high school years. It wasn't until my university years when I actively participated in numerous singing competitions that I began to entertain the idea of becoming a singer.

If you could only choose one artist's work to listen to for the rest of your life, whose would it be?

Amy Winehouse, my all-time favorite. 🫶🏽

"Cross the Line" was voted as the top song in our playlist poll. What were your feelings when writing this song? So, have you ever crossed the line? (laughs)

Haha, I'm really surprised by the voting results and thrilled that everyone loves "Cross the Line"! 🤗
Actually, this song primarily describes the bubbly and carefree feeling of being in a passionate relationship, not overthinking things, and following your instincts in a dopamine-filled love affair. I also wanted to share that embracing sensuality is a healthy aspect of relationships for all women! Follow your heart, your emotions, and your desires, and take charge of them yourself! 🫶🏽
As for if I ever have "Crossed the Line," of course I have! Ahahaha. Life needs more romance and excitement, right!? 💕 Just like a movie plot~ 🎬

What do you think is the greatest pressure and challenge as a singer?

The greatest pressure and challenge lie in the uncertainties of the music industry. Your efforts might not always reciprocate in equal measure. Of course, many industries face similar challenges, but these uncertainties can be even more pronounced in the music world.
Everyone's sense of beauty and taste is subjective. You will need to try your best to hold onto your beliefs. Keep learning, practicing, and creating, while confidently and humbly moving forward step by step. Consistently introducing yourself to the world and maintaining that momentum can be the most challenging aspect, in my opinion.

We saw your wearing our swimsuit and you even styled it with a shiny mesh top. You looked stunning, and we're incredibly grateful. Do you have any suggestions for our swimsuits?

I really appreciate your kind words. I absolutely love the swimsuit! HÁI swimsuits truly give me a strong sense of security and are so flattering! My confidence level was through the roof.– Feeling like a million bucks.
If I had to give suggestions, I hope you'll consider introducing more colors in the future. 🥰

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a singer?

Ahhh it’s a bit hard to give advice but I can only say... Dare to dream! Put effort into pursuing what makes you happy! Those are the most important things~ 😆👊🏽

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