HÁI Career Women - DJ KADE

HÁI Career Women - DJ KADE

DJ Kade has established herself as a prominent figure in Bangkok's music scene, captivating a steadily expanding audience with her remarkable performances. Her journey began in 2012 when she competed in the Pioneer Lady DJ Championship, and since then, she has graced numerous renowned venues across Asia. With her distinctive professional style, DJ Kade seamlessly blends various genres, including hip-hop, both old and new, diverse styles of house music, and even some nostalgic R&B tracks.


She was selected to participate in the International Day Mix & 24HRS DJ Livestream Project, joining forces with thirteen talented female DJs from different countries. This opportunity further solidifies DJ Kade's status as a global artist, amplifying her reach and influence in the music industry.

Can you introduce yourself first?

Hiiii. I'm Dj Kade from Thailand. 

What kind of organization is the lonely girls club?

LLGC represents women's empowerment in the music scene in Thailand by a group of 3 best friends; KADE, Panna and UBBY-IBBY. We each have a different taste in music but all share a love of the 2000’s era. Lonely Girls Club BKK is all about the noughties from our style to our music selection in the Thailand DJ scene.


What's your most interesting or weirdest DJ experience?

The most interesting thing is to connect with your audience, it alway feels so good to see people vibe with your music selection. Music always brings people together, meeting a lot of people who have the same or different taste of music alway makes me feel good to share and exchange with them.

If you could only listen to one artist's work in your life, which artist if on top of your list? 

J Dilla

Photo Credit: The New York Times

We love Bangkok, can you recommend some must-see spots? (Or your usual hangout spots?) 

For a food hunter you must go to Chinatown or visit the old town and eat street food is very recommended in Bangkok also to support all the small local businesses, for a hipster place like The Commons Thong-Lor is a place that I like to hang out tho. 


Photo Credit: The BK Magazine

What’s the biggest pressure or difficulty of being a DJ?

When you need to define your audience and to connects with them


We appreciate your Summer HÁI playlist. How do you like our swimsuits?

I really like it! I have tried it on and it is so comfy and looks so stunning.

DJ KADE's Summer HÁI Mixtape

What advice would you give someone who wants to be a DJ?

The passion with the music that you interested and keep practicing
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