Mia - A six year old girl, her life advice for other young children.

Mia - A six year old girl, her life advice for other young children.

Mia Interview Part 1:

Naomi: What's your name?

Mia: Mia

Naomi:   What do you like to eat?

Mia: Bing....and ice (Bing means ice in Chinese.)

Naomi: Do you worry about things? What are your worries as a 6-year-old?

Mia: YES. You kept on telling me to do things and you made rules.

Naomi: What do you like about me?

Mia: I like when you work so you can make money. $$$

Naomi: What don't you like about me?

Mia: Fights.

Naomi: So you don't like us getting into arguments?

Mia: I also don't like it when you drink.

Naomi: I can't have a drink?! Why???

Mia: You can't sleep at night.

Naomi: How do you even know?!



Mia Interview Part 2:

Naomi: Stop picking your nose!
Naomi: Do you like going to the beach with me in the summer?
Mia: NO. I don't like it~~~
Naomi: You don't? Why?
Mia: It's tooooo hottttttttttt.
Naomi: But you can have ice cream at the beach. Do you like it now? Ok, I will ask one more time. Do you like to go to the beach with me in summer?
Mia: YES.
Naomi: Do you like the swimsuit you wore last time to the beach?
Mia: I do!
Naomi: Mama designed that! I picked the color and the style. Do you like it?
Mia: I like it!
Naomi: Do you have any joyful recollections about summer or the beach?
Mia: I made a new friend one time.
Naomi: A Boy or a girl?
Mia: The person didn't tell me whether he/she is a boy or a girl.
Naomi: You can't tell if he/she is a boy or a girl?
Mia: (Shook her head.) Maybe a boy? But he ignored me.


Mia Interview Part 3:


Naomi: Can you share your day with us at the kindergarten? Anything fun?
Mia: NO.
Naomi: ....Oh... Ok... Thanks.
Naomi: How do you like your kindergarten?
Mia: It's fun.
Naomi: Anything bothers you at school?
Mia: Fights.
Naomi: Fights? With whom?
Mia: I fought with David(Alias) on the 12th... 
Naomi: Oh..ok. You had a slight disagreement with your friend.
Naomi: What do you usually do when things don't go your way? Or make you upset?
Mia: I go to the teacher.
Naomi: What advice would you offer to your peers?
Mia: hmmm...I would invite them to hang out and suggest that they consult with their parents for permission.
Naomi: ok.. thanks a lot.

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